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Acer TravelMate C300 C310 & 610 620 keyboard US English


Acer TravelMate C300 & C310 keyboard U.S. English
Acer original keyboard
U.S. English International layout (QWERTY)

Part numbers:
9049Y0701D, KB.T2807.002, KBT2807002, 99.N2182.10O, 99N218210O, 99.N2182.000
99.N2182.10R, 99N218210R
99.N2182.31D, 99N218231D,
9047N0701D6, 90.47N07.01D
KB.T2803.002, KBT2803002, 90.49Y07.01D,
KB.T8607.016, KBT8607016,
NSK-A431D, NSK-A410O, NSKA410O,
NSK-A410R, NSK-A4002, NSK-A40000,


Compatible with the following products:

Acer TravelMate C300 Series:
C301XCi, C301XCi-G, C301XCi-G-SP, C302XCi, C302XMi, C303XMi? (Model MS2140)
TravelMate C310 Series:
C312XCi, C314XCi, C314XMi, (Model MS2161)

Acer Travelmate 610 620 series:
610, 611, 612, 614 keyboard,

TravelMate 611TXV TravelMate

TravelMate 612TXV TravelMate

TravelMate 613TXV TravelMate

TravelMate 620 Series TravelMate
TravelMate 621XV TravelMate

TravelMate 630 Series TravelMate
TravelMate 632XV TravelMate


Acer TravelMate 610 Series Keyboard IT Version :
NSK-A4106, 99.N2182.106, 99N2182106

Italian Version, P/N: KB.T2803.001, KBT2807001
NSK-A410E, 99.N2182.10E, KB.T2807.001
MP-02886I0-442, 9049Y0700E 90.49Y07.00E KBT2803001

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