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Batterie pour Acer TravelMate 620 623 630 633 BTP-39D1


Name of the product: Battery for Acer Travelmate BTP-620 630 BTP-39D1 632LC

Our Product No.  Battery For Acer BTP-39D1


Capacity:     4400 mAh

Voltage :      14.8V

Dimension:  140.00x75.00x21.00mm

Condition :   Brand New, 100% OEM compatible!

Cell Type:     Li-ion, 8Cells

Construction: Made with the highest quality cells!

Fits the following Acer models:

Acer TravelMate 620, 621, 621LV, 621XC, 621XV, 623, 623LC, 623LCi, 624 Series
Acer Travelmate 630, 630XV, 630XCi, 632, 632XCi, 633, 633LCi, 634, 636, 637 Series


TravelMate 620 TravelMate 620LCi TravelMate 621 TravelMate 621E TravelMate 621EC
TravelMate 621EV TravelMate 621L TravelMate 621LC TravelMate 621LCi TravelMate 621LV
TravelMate 621LVi TravelMate 621LV TravelMate 621XC TravelMate 621XV TravelMate 621XC
TravelMate 621XCi TravelMate 621XV TravelMate 621XVi TravelMate 622 TravelMate 622E
TravelMate 622EC TravelMate 622EV TravelMate 622LC TravelMate 622LCi TravelMate 622LV
TravelMate 622LVi TravelMate 622XC TravelMate 622XV TravelMate 623 TravelMate 623E
TravelMate 623EC TravelMate 623EV TravelMate 623LC TravelMate 623LCi TravelMate 623LV
TravelMate 623LVi TravelMate 623XC TravelMate 623XV TravelMate 624 TravelMate 624E
TravelMate 624EC TravelMate 624EV TravelMate 624LC TravelMate 624LCi TravelMate 624LV
TravelMate 624LVi TravelMate 624XC TravelMate 624XCi TravelMate 624XV TravelMate 630
TravelMate 630LC TravelMate 630LCi TravelMate 630LV TravelMate 630LVi TravelMate 630XC
TravelMate 630XCi TravelMate 630XV TravelMate 630XCi TravelMate 630XV TravelMate 630XVi
TravelMate 631 TravelMate 631LC TravelMate 631LCi TravelMate 631LV TravelMate 631LVi
TravelMate 631XC TravelMate 631XCi TravelMate 631XV TravelMate 631XVi TravelMate 632
TravelMate 632LC TravelMate 632LCi TravelMate 632LV TravelMate 632LVi TravelMate 632XC
TravelMate 632XCi TravelMate 632XCi TravelMate 633 TravelMate 633LCi TravelMate 632XV
TravelMate 632XVi TravelMate 633 TravelMate 633LC TravelMate 633LCi TravelMate 633LV
TravelMate 633LVi TravelMate 633XC TravelMate 633XCi TravelMate 633XV TravelMate 633XVi
TravelMate 634 TravelMate 634LC TravelMate 634LCi TravelMate 634LV TravelMate 634LVi
TravelMate 634XC TravelMate 634XCi TravelMate 634XV TravelMate 634XVi TravelMate 636
TravelMate 636LC TravelMate 636LCi TravelMate 636LV TravelMate 636LVi TravelMate 636XC
TravelMate 636XCi TravelMate 636XV TravelMate 636XVi

AOPEN: 1545 Series

LITTLEBIT: Snapper D6x2 Series

MAXDATA: Pro 5000, Pro 5000T, Pro 5000X, Pro 7100 Series

NEC: MS2103, MS2110, Versa FP440 Series

PACKARD BELL: iPower 7000 Series

Compatible Acer part numbers:

BTP-39D1 BTP-39SN MS2103 MS2110 91.42S28.001 91.41q28.004
60.42S16.001 60.42S16.011 60.42S16.012 60.43T12.031 60.49H10.001 6863950000
91.42S28.001 BTP-620 BTP39D1 BTP620

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