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BIG P-ProThroat mic.for PX-777 VEV-3288S LT-2288 E93K


Throat - Vibrantion? With BIG PTT switch



The professional grade throat mic is specifically designed for demanding tasks in paintball / airsoft setting. It is also widely used in discreet communicationsHere are the

Exceptional features of the Throat-Vibration Mic:

Excellent Sound Quality: This throat mic is a dual-mic design. There is a mic on both the left and the right side to transmit your voice in the clearest quality. You may found cheaper throat mics (come with 1 mic on one of the sides) in the market, but sound quality will tell the difference. We have tested a number of similar products and this one is simply the best in transmitting voices in their authentic tones.
Snug Fit Transparent Earbud: The mushroom shaped acoustic tube earpiece is the best choice for long-hour operation.
Detachable PTT wire: It is up to the demand of the operation whether you need to connect the PTT wire to the gear;
Extra stereo earphone jack: You may have one more option to hear from your partner;

Fine Transparent Acoustic Tube: You may hide the throat mic under the collar and the transparent tube earphone is not easily detected by the others. This is ideal for discreet communications.
Big PTT switch: big and strong enough for demanding outdoor operation;
Extendable: adjustable to suits neck size between 14" and 16".


item fit ?for radio :


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PUXING handheld Radio :
PX-777 ,? PX-666,? PX-3288,PX-328, PX-888

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VEV-3288S, V-1000, VEV-6288 , VEV-5288

FEIDAXIN ?handheld radio:

FD-6288, FD-268, FD-288, FD-289, FD-278

WOUXUN handheld radio:

KG-669, KG-669plus , KG-689 , KG-689plus, KG-679, KG-703 , KG-659






?Throat-Vibration Speaker/Microphone in connection to an acoustic tube headset and a BIG? PTT switch ; single wire leading from the PTT unit,? and connected by mini din plugs and are detachable; Comes with interface acoustic tube earpiece (provided) and a 3.5mm plug for standard stereo earphones (not provided).

  • - 1x? Throat Vibration Mic with Big PTT switch .
  • - 1x? 44-K? ( 2pin 2.5+3.5mm kenwood standard ) Radio connect Plug

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